The Stafix Universal Relay Module (URM) allows four extra relay outputs to be used, in addition to the two built-in relays, the dedicated siren and external LED outputs.

The URM allows for greater flexibility when interfacing with other external equipment such as sirens, strobes, master alarm systems or communication devices.

Application Examples

Examples of how a URM can be used:

  • Each sector of a two-sector perimeter fence could be set up with a siren and strobe (two sirens and two strobes in total), allowing any fence breaches to be pin-pointed quickly using audible and visual cues
  • For a two-sector perimeter, URM relays could be set up to report the status of each fence sector to an external device such as a mimic panel. This would provide instant feedback on the fence in a remote location
  • A URM can be used to report system information to a tele-dialler or master alarm system.